Wednesday, June 03, 2015

03-Jun-15: Alarms sounded: Inbound Gazan rockets around 11:00 pm tonight

Tzeva Adom ("Color Red") incoming rocket alarms were heard throughout southern Israel at 10:55 pm tonight (Wednesday). Times of Israel says residents were seen rushing to bomb shelters, the second time this happened in the past week and undoubtedly disrupting the lives of Israeli families with young children who would have had to be dragged out of their beds.

Israel National News says
Two rockets from Gaza exploded in the Sdot Negev region. There were no physical injuries or damages.
Times of Israel reminds us of that previous attack:
On May 26, Palestinian militants shot a Grad rocket into Israel, striking an area outside the town of Gan Yavneh, in an attack that broke several weeks of calm. Palestinian and Israeli officials said the rocket attack, which caused no casualties or damage, was the result of internal fighting within the Islamic Jihad terror group... Last week’s attack marked the first time a Grad rocket, which can go farther than the smaller Kassams more commonly shot out of Gaza, had been fired at Israel since the summer war.
UPDATE 4-Jun-15 at 7:30 am: According to Aljazeera,
At least two rockets have been launched from Gaza into southern Israel, the Israeli police has said. The police said on Wednesday that they were fired at the towns of Netivot and Ashkelon, near the Gaza border. Warning sirens were heard in the area, but no injuries have been reported. A group calling itself the Omar Brigades has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack, prompting Israeli fighter jets to bomb three empty fields used by Hamas fighters in the southern Gaza strip.
And from inside the Gaza Strip itself, evidence (see screen shot below from the GANSO website) that four rockets were fired at Israel but (which we have not yet seen reported in any news stories) two of them ended up (yet again) crashing on top of Gazan homes and territory: Fell Shorts, in our terms.

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