Sunday, February 22, 2015

22-Feb-15: Stabbing attack in Jerusalem's City Hall Square; the terrorist is apprehended by the mayor and his bodyguard

Safra Square and City Hall, Jerusalem, on a less fraught day [Image Source]
A stabbing attack in Jerusalem's City Hall Square, Kikar Safra, in the past hour (Sunday 5:30 pm) resulted in a Haredi man of 27 being stabbed and rushed to Jerusalem's Shaarei Zedek Medical Center and the attacker being subdued by the mayor's bodyguard, assisted by Jerusalem's mayor(!). This is Ynet's version:
An ultra-Orthodox man was stabbed by an Arab teen in Jerusalem Sunday evening in a suspected terror attack. The incident took place in Safra Square in central Jerusalem. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was present at the scene with his security guard, who helped subdue the terrorist. The incident took place at around 5:30 pm at Safra Square, adjacent to Jerusalem's City Hall... The police say that Barkat and his bodyguard witnessed the event, prompting the guard to overtake the stabber and hold him until forces arrived. Police say the stabber is a 18-year-old Palestinian teen from Ramallah who has now been taken in for questioning. Barkat recalled the event: "I was traveling in a car next to the IDF Square (Safra Sqaure) when my team suddenly saw a terrorist with a knife right next to us. I immediately jumped out of the car together with my team, (my bodyguard) pulled out his gun and together we held the terrorist until security forces arrived; we also attempted to treat the victim." [Ynet]
There's bound to be more detail to follow. And as for knifing attacks by Palestinian Arabs on unarmed, unsuspecting Israelis, it's possible they are not yet at an end either. Very possible.

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