Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17-Feb-15: Toddler Adele, injured in March 2013 rock-hurling terror attack, passed away today

Little Adele Z"L with her mother Adva in April 2014
[Image Source: Times of Israel]
There's a tragic follow up to the terrible story of Adele Biton. Nearly two years we wrote here ["16-Mar-13: Palestinian Arab violence is on the rise"] about the terrorism that turned the lives of the little girl and her family upside down:
Vehicles traveling on Highway 5, a major road that runs between Ariel and the coastal city of Herzliya, came under a different rock-hurling attack by Palestinian Arabs. One of the results was that a car was struck, causing the driver to lose control and collide with a truck. Four people in the car - a mother and three daughters - suffered serious injuries. One of them, a little girl aged two, Adele Biton, is in critical condition. That's her picture on the right. Her injured sisters are four and six.
This evening, the news was reported by Israel National News that
Adele Biton, the four-year-old terror victim who two years ago miraculously survived a rock attack which left her with severe neurological damage, passed away on Tuesday after her condition deteriorated rapidly from a bout of pneumonia. She was admitted earlier this week to Schneider Children's Hospital in Petah Tikva for treatment, and on Tuesday it was revealed that she had been put in intensive care. "With great sorrow we report the death of Adele Biton who despite the efforts of the doctors passed away roughly an hour ago," stated the hospital on Tuesday. "Our condolences to the family"... Adele was critically wounded in March 2013, when the family car was attacked outside of Ariel in Samaria by Arab terrorists, who hurled rocks at the vehicle and caused it to veer off the road and crash headfirst into a truck. The fist-sized rock struck Adele directly in the head, leaving the two-year-old baby critically wounded and in mortal danger. Doctors said her recovery from the blow was nothing short of miraculous. Adele had been in and out of the hospital since in a grueling rehabilitation period.
Background about little Adele, the family's struggle, the cruel foreign media coverage, the rock hurlers, here at The Truth About Rock Throwing. May the bereaved family be comforted among the mourners of Zion, and may they be spared further anguish.

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