Friday, November 28, 2014

28-Nov-14: Reports from a mostly-unreported war

Border Guard post outside Tomb of the Patriarchs,
Hebron - not today [Image Source]
The reports below of terror activity in the greater Jerusalem area pertain to the towns and villages close to, and including, the places from which the terror cell members we wrote about yesterday came.

From Times of Israel this morning:
A 17-year-old Palestinian girl carrying a knife was arrested Friday morning at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron after admitting she had planned to stab Israeli security personnel at the site. The girl arrived at a security checkpoint at the entrance to the holy site, sacred to both Jews and Muslims, at around 8 a.m., but refused to be searched. Police at the site told her she must either agree to be searched or leave the premises. After a few minutes of arguing, the girl pulled a knife out of her bag and threw it on the floor. She was then detained and told officials she had intended to carry out a stabbing attack at the site.
And nearby
Overnight Thursday a shooting incident was reported near Kiryat Arba, a settlement adjacent to Hebron. Shots were fired at a car driving near the Kiryat Arba junction from an unknown source. Two bullets penetrated the vehicle but did not hit its occupants, who sped away unharmed. Security forces were searching the area Friday morning for the assailants. [Times of Israel]
In the same area:
IDF forces arrested an Arab man near the Jewish neighborhood in Hevron Thursday evening after a sub-machine gun was found in his car, along with a bullet cartridge. The gun was of the Carl Gustav M/45 variety, a portable and lethal weapon. [Israel National News]
Meanwhile north of Jerusalem:
In another incident on Thursday evening, shots were fired at an Israeli car near the settlement of Na’ale, northwest of Ramallah. The driver was unhurt and fled the scene. The assailants remain at large. [Times of Israel]
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we note that none of the terror actions listed here rose to the level of physical injury to the intended victims. Our prayer: Long may the jihadists continue to fail, and the security authorities remain vigilant and successful.

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