Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19-Nov-14: Millions in Arab world now "know" the secret behind yesterday's massacre

Celebrations in the Arab street after reports of knifed-to-death Jews.
Think: How happy would you have to be to pick yourself up and go out onto
the street and dance. That's how happy the murders made these people.
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Among the various kinds of self-serving nonsense that many of the mainstream media outlets have either swallowed whole or purposefully buried in the wake of Tuesday morning's bloody assault on Jerusalem worshipers at prayer is this one from the very well-connected and almost uniquely well-informed Khaled Abu Toameh.

He Tweeted this morning that the organization claiming to be behind the knife men, the PFLP, is saying today
Attacked synagogue was being used as 'operation centre for planning attacks on Palestinians and their holy sites.'
As imbecilic as this claim is, it is certain to fit well within the self-perception in the Palestinian Arab camp that they are the aggrieved, victimized, offended side. Now wait and see which reporters and which publications pick up this news and hold it up to journalistic scrutiny. Even while it gets ignored in the West, it is sure to become yet another powerful theme - in Arabic, naturally, with which most of the world's reporters are unfamiliar in both senses of that word - that justifies the unjustifiable and ensures more of the same sickening terror.

Israeli spokespeople keep referring in their reactions to the notion of incitement. How many of your neighbours, do you think, actually know what incitement means in this context? Or understand what effect it has in societies like those where a massacre brings people out into the street to dance and pass out candies to strangers? How many mainstream media journalists are going to explain it to them? 

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