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27-Oct-14: Palestinian Arab report says the Egyptians plan to keep the Gazans far away for now

Simpler times: A section of the Egypt/Gaza
border in 2009 [Image Source]
Here, unedited, is the full text of a Palestinian Arab news site's report on major changes announced by Egypt to address its perception of lethal challenges facing it from the Gazan side. It comes from Palestinian News Network, and went up in the past hour. There are some obvious problems with the report (like spelling, and the notion of a buffer zone that's nine miles high, which is 14 kilometers) but those are small details. We will add our own commentary later.

Egypt to build buffer zone on Gaza borders
Published on Monday, 27 October 2014 15:18
PNN/ Cairo

Egyptian authorities tody announced the decision to build buffer zone on its borders with Gaza, with the depth of 500 meters, and a height of 14 KM, to hinder terrorist groups from entering Sinai, that recently resulted in killing 33 Egyptian soldiers.

The buffer zone construction will result in displacing thousands of bedouins in the Sinai desert, that Egypt vowed to relocate and give compensations before beginning the construction.

The Egyptian soldiers were killed during an attack on a checkpoint on Friday in the Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel and Gaza. The assault bore the marks of attacks claimed by Egypt's most active militant group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.

Egyptian president, Abdul Fattah Sissi, promised taking "many measures" in the border, that it is likely to be expanded in order to pursue militants and stop them from entering Egyptian land.

Sissi expected help from the US to stop "terror" in Egypt.

As a result of the attacks on Egyptian soldiers, the indirect negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli delegations, which were decided to take place last Monday,  have been postponed until the second half of November.

The people who put PNN together describe themselves as
a group of independent Palestinian journalists and editors who work on a strictly professional level without favoring one political party over another or any religion over another. We report from a Palestinian perspective as we see that the media is rife with Israeli sources.
Wikipedia says their efforts are part of
the charitable organization the Holy Land Trust and is based in Bethlehem...

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