Friday, August 08, 2014

8-Aug-14: Ceasefire?

Meanwhile Israel has pulled all of its ground forces out
Will the 72-hour ceasefire continue after its nominal expiry at 8 this monring (Friday)? For the moment, Hamas, widely quoted, says no. The Times of Israel says:
As Hamas appears set to walk away from the ceasefire in the coming hour, IDF sources say if Hamas renews its rocket fire on Israel’s southern towns, it will likely be a heavy bombardment intended to send a message that Hamas is able to continue fighting. “It’s important in the coming hours to be alert,” Col. Gili Shenhav says, warning Israelis not to stop taking the life-saving measures they have taken over the past month. The IDF, meanwhile, is reportedly preparing a powerful aerial response against a new bank of Hamas targets in the event of renewed rocket fire, Israel Radio’s veteran military affairs correspondent Carmela Menashe reports.
But Haaretz says
The Palestinians have agreed to extend the Gaza cease-fire by an additional three days, Palestinian sources told Haaretz on Friday morning [but] Hamas has warned that it will resume hostilities if its demands are not met. Just hours before the scheduled end of the truce, two mortar shells were fired into Israeli territory, apparently from within the southern Gaza Strip. The shells hit open areas and no injuries were reported. Rocket alerts sounded in communities near the Gaza border.
This ongoing war.

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