Wednesday, August 06, 2014

6-Aug-14: Why are the world's major news channels not doing more to expose the bestial horror of Hamas' war strategy? (video)

Here's a video, barely viewed at all as of now (Wednesday, 10:45 pm Jerusalem time) on YouTube, but powerfully eloquent. Those of us who are aware of the baseless hatred and distortion oozing from much of the news commentary and political analysis coming out of this Gaza war understand well how little the facts depicted in the two minutes of this clip are even known let alone comprehended by reasonable consumers of news throughout the world.

The confusion, distortion and malevolent concealing of core facts - the way in which Hamas' entire strategy in the past month of intense warfare was predicated on turning Gaza's population into one vast pathetic human shield - make it vital that video clips like this one ("Real Voices from Gaza") get wide circulation. 

We're doing what we can by posting it here now. Over to you.

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