Tuesday, August 05, 2014

5-Aug-14: Inside a Hamas attack tunnel (video)

It's one thing to hear about the dozens of tunnels that the terror-minded people of Hamas built under the border that separates Gaza from Israel. It's altogether another thing to go inside and see from up close how solidly they are built (with cement and electricity supplied from Israel in the name of aid), and how well-prepared (at a cost of many millions of foreign-aid dollars) they are for bringing heavily-armed killers into Israeli farms, kibbutzim and Gaza-bordering communities.

Sean Hannity brought his Fox News viewers deep inside one and the result (7 minutes 51 seconds long) and the result is compelling. Click here to watch it.

Click here to see the video
There's little chance that the foreign governments and aid organizations who have funneled money into the Hamas maw will acknowledge their role in the travesty that these tunnels represent. That's a shame because none of this could have happened without them.

Still, it would be good to think that ordinary Gazans - digging out from under their devastated towns and cities today and wondering what they did to deserve the hopelessness that has gotten much more serious during this past month, stemming from the insane policies of their fat-cat rulers, most of whom sat out the fighting in super-luxury dwellings in Qatar - might get to see this and start to understand how deeply they have been buried by their Islamist masters.

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