Friday, August 01, 2014

1-Aug-14: Amos Oz, interviewed by Deutsche Welle, starts this way

Oz [Image Source]
Amoz Oz: I would like to begin the interview in a very unusual way: by presenting one or two questions to your readers and listeners. May I do that?
Deutsche Welle: Go ahead!Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?
Question 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?
With these two questions I pass the interview to you...
Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster. Amos Oz, professor of literature at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, published in 42 languages, including Arabic, is the recipient of a long list of awards for his writing including the French Legion of Honour, Germany's Goethe Prize and the Israel Prize. Wikipedia says that "since 1967, Oz has been a prominent advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict."

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אופק הררי said...

The answer of any normal person would: I would save my children in any way I find, preferably someone else's parents weep (as that unfortunate) than I or my wife