Thursday, July 31, 2014

31-Jul-14: What possible excuse could decent civilized leadership have for attacking a holy place of worship? Let's see

The Al-Sousi mosque, northern Gaza City, yesterday
[Image Source: Xinhua]
The headline above will make little sense if readers don't click below and view the video.

Photographs of mosques destroyed by Israeli forces in Gaza (like the one over on the right) are all over the web and the newspaper world right now.

The anger of Islamic masses is being whipped up as the outrageous desecration of holy places gets understood by believers. See for instance "Calls to Raid and Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque", "Historical mosque destroyed by inhuman zionist terrorists", "Palestinians Fiercely Clash With Zionist Army At Al-Aqsa" and many others.

Attacking places of religious worship is never something of which to be proud. It may have legal consequences, and certainly has an impact on public sensitivities. What would bring a military to open fire on a church, synagogue or mosque?

So let's take a look at a documented instance of desecration from this past week.

In the background, there's a well-established and shameful history of open manipulation of Islamic sensibilities by religious and political leadership of the various arms of the Palestinian Authority. See for instance this Palestinian Media Watch backgrounder, "Israel to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque".

Is it time for some focus on the cold-blooded desecration of Moslem holy places by Moslems?

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