Wednesday, June 25, 2014

25-Jun-14: More overnight violence as Gazan rockets again hit southern Israel as well as their own people

It's been a violent night. Ynet says four rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Two (at least) were intercepted en route by the IDF's Iron Dome missile defense system. Another rocket "misfired" and fell short as so many do, exploding on the Arab side and in this case killing a Palestinian baby and injuring four members of her family, at least one of whom is critically hurt. This is confirmed by a Hamas regime official.

Times of Israel says the overnight attack involved "at least five missiles... according to media and military accounts. No injuries are reported at this stage. One of the rockets crashed and exploded within a residential community in the Sdot Negev region, causing damage. We can presume the outcomes might have been worse since the Iron Dome system shot down two rockets fired at the Hof Ashkelon region, implying they were on target to cause serious harm. Tzeva Adom (Color Red) sirens were heard right across the region before the rockets hit.

According to the IDF's tally, more than 200 rockets have been fired on Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza since the beginning of the year.

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Fleur said...

It seems that the respite gained from rocket barrages by the previous IDF action in Gaza has come to an end. Past time to go in an exterminate the rocket shooters and their weapons once again