Wednesday, February 05, 2014

5-Feb-14: If you plan to carry out a massacre at a Jewish wedding but end up in court without a bullet being fired, are you a national hero yet?

The Ulamei Nof reception hall in Jerusalem's quiet Bayit Vegan
neighbourhood: What could possibly satisfy the blood lust of Palestinian Arab
terrorists better than shooting up a Jewish wedding? [Image: Google Maps]
It's an effort sometimes to remind ourselves what it is that motivates the Islamist terrorists in our midst to keep plotting and planning showcase massacres of their primary targets: unarmed, peace-minded Jewish citizens of the State of Israel.

Times of Israel has just released a breaking news report (it's now Wednesday at 5:30 pm) according to which four East Jerusalem Arabs, likely bearers of Israeli IDs (though the article does not say so), were indicted today in the Jerusalem District Court for preparing to carry out a shooting attack on people attending a popular wedding hall in Jerusalem's Bayit Vegan neighbourhood. (The article says it's in a different neighbourhood, but if the name of the hall is right, then it's Bayit Vegan.) The accused are aged between 19 and 21 and the charges, according to the report, are conspiracy to aid an enemy in wartime. The remand hearing is set for tomorrow.

Two of the would-be killers, residents of Jebel Mukaber, a Jerusalem neighbourhood, were going to dress as haredim, ultra-Orthodox Jews, and enter the hall with two Uzi sub-machine guns concealed under their clothes. They would then open fire on the unsuspecting guests. We have attended numerous happy events at Ulamei Nof (to give it its Hebrew name) over the years. In tune with the large scale of traditional weddings in this part of the world, the hall accommodates 1,500 people.

No one was killed. No blood was shed. So how long, assuming the accused who are currently 100% innocent are convicted, will the four serve behind bars before being put on display in front of a howling crowd of Palestinian Arabs, their arms held aloft by whoever is then their political master, and hailed as heroes?

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