Monday, February 17, 2014

17-Feb-14: Were three more rockets fired at Israel today, fell short, and went unreported? Evidently yes

Islamic Jihad terrorists prepare rocket attack
on Israel [Image Source]
We have not heard of any rocket assaults on southern Israel today but over in Gaza they seem to believe they happened.

Here below is a screenshot we captured in the last few minutes (it's now 10 at night on Monday) from the website of GANSO, the Gaza NGO Safety Office. It calls itself
a project of CARE International, funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) with the aim of providing the information and analysis the NGO community needs in order to implement humanitarian projects safely.
 As you might be able to see from the image below

at GANSO ("funded by the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission") they say that at 10 this morning,
"Pal. ops. fired 3 rockets from E. of KY toward the Green Line. Updates to follow as received."
Or in plain English:
Palestinian Arab jihadists ("Pal. ops.") fired three more rockets from east of the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis into the air at 10 this morning, aiming more or less in the general direction of anything Israeli on the far side of the border - where "anything" includes children, adults, school buses, classrooms, bus stop shelters, speeding ambulances... basically any animate or inanimate object the jihadists can add to their list of outrages such that praise and salutation will be brought down on their heads by the psychopathic leadership that rules Gaza's Palestinian Arabs with an iron Islamist fist." More or less...
As far as we can tell, there are no published reports today of rockets either crashing into southern Israel this morning or being launched. This makes us think there are now three more "fell shorts" to add to the huge and growing tally to date. "Fell shorts", as we have noted here several times, are never news, not even when - as certainly happens - Gazan children or jihadist rocket men end up being injured or killed by them. And if these events are not reported, then in the realpolitik of international relations they simply never happened.

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