Thursday, January 16, 2014

16-Jan-14: Middle-of-night rocket barrage from terrorists of Gaza seeks more Israeli victims

Overnight, starting around 2:00 am, there has been heavy rocket fire into the communities of southern Israel from the armaments-rich terrorist forces of the Gaza Strip. A Times of Israel report says no fewer than five incoming rockets that were headed at the coastal city of Ashkelon (population: 120,000) were intercepted in mid-air and brought down by means of the advanced technology of the Iron Dome counter-missile defense system. Three more rockets crashed into open areas in the Ashkelon area without (as far as is currently known) doing damage, other than terrifying the civilian residents. Soon after, there were reports of Israeli Air Force airstrikes on four Gaza sites, described by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit as a hidden rocket launcher, a weapons storage site and a weapons manufacturing facility. Direct hits on all targets are claimed.

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