Sunday, December 15, 2013

15-Dec-13: Rocket attack on southern Israel turns into another "fell short"

Special water pump, one of several, shipped over to Gaza
by the IDF's COGAT agency today
The IDF's incoming-rocket warning system wailed across southern Israel at about 8:20 this evening (Sunday), signaling that something fired by the terror-addicted thuggish gangs of Gaza was headed towards one of the communities in the area. Though there are reports from Israeli sources of an audible dull thud shortly after the alarm sounded, it appears tonight's rocket or mortar - like so many before it - fell short and crashed into someone or something on the Hamas side of the Gaza Strip/Israel border.

The weather, along with the hopelessly inadequate waste water infrastructure over which the investment-averse Hamas presides, has ensured that many of Gaza's residents are having a miserable time of the major storm system that has sent heavy snow, rain, cold and wintery weather into the region. According to the IDF's blog
As a result of the weather and a request by representatives of the United Nations to the head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Major General Eitan Dangot, the Kerem Shalom Border Crossing was opened specially this morning in order to transfer gas for home heating. Additionally, as the day goes on, four water pumps will be transferred to the Gaza Strip due to heavy flooding.
As we said, the thank-you note arrived this evening, though it was misaddressed.

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