Thursday, October 17, 2013

17-Oct-13: Pausing for a moment

We have several posts either prepared or being readied that ought to startle people in the same way they startle us. Before they go up on this blog site, we feel the need to pause for a moment, to reflect and to share.

This blog allows us to say things here about matters that generally do not get reported or properly analyzed (in our estimation) in the mainstream media. Its focus is terror, and our homeland, Israel, and our people, the Jews.

For us, aspects of the complexity of life here as well as in the neighbourhood around us have phenomenal significance and throw light on those focal issues we just named.

It's evident that the people who run the world's great opinion-forming machines (the huge newspapers, the huge television and radio networks, the huge think-tanks and analysis shops) don't agree with what we think. At least that's how things seem, to judge by the way they keep ignoring the really important, influential things we find so central. Like what? The transparent hypocrisy and malevolence of those who support the haters of people who follow a creed different to their own; the killers of children and the fact that people keep making excuses for their sickening actions; the breathtakingly large degree of corruption and waste on the part of those who manage the resources of the countries near ours. There are additional issues but this paragraph is already too long.

So as we said, we have this blog and we write. It helps preserve our sanity. And it gives us a modest platform from which to be heard.

We try not to kid ourselves about how the world is going to stop rotating on its axis because the two of us sit down and write what we see, think and predict. But to be fair to ourselves for a moment, with a weekly audience in the thousands, we feel we are talking to concerned, passionate people who, like us, understand you have to search and think in order to make sense out of the available information.

Plus this: much of what you see in those places that used to be unquestionably authoritative simply lacks credibility. The mainstream news outlets are often wrong; they are wrong about things about which no one should never be wrong.

Perhaps this was always so; we're not sure about the past. But about today, there's just no doubt. And having gotten to personally know many professional journalists, editors, political figures and other opinion-formers, especially in the last few years when our lives took on a more public profile, it's clear to us that many of them are as wrong as the rest of the community about some of the most important issues in life.

Most people don't realize that information and ideas are being used against them. They are unlikely to realize this until they understand better the who, the what and the how of information manipulation.

We are in a cognitive war. We live on its battlefield, and most of us don't even realize that it's happening.

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