Saturday, October 26, 2013

26-Oct-13: We're about to learn which killers are being set free

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The names and criminal histories of the convicted terrorists to be released this week by Israel are likely to be known tomorrow, Sunday. Times of Israel reports tonight that there will be 25 of them (Ynet says 26; the Palestinian Arab news agency Maan says 32.).

A first group of 26 was set loose in mid-August 2013, and eventually 104 killers and assorted other murderers will be out, every last one of them (as far as can be told from a distance) unrepentant and ready to be received as a returning hero by his community along with Hamas and the PA.

Also noted in the Times of Israel article:
  • The Bayit Hayehudi ("Jewish Home") party, which is part of Netanyahu's ruling coalition, "has bitterly attacked the planned prisoner releases in recent days, and on Sunday is set to raise legislation to prevent such releases". The writer points out that "the legislation has no prospect of success".
  • Ayelet Shaked, a Bayit Hayehudi parliamentarian, said tonight on Israel's Channel 2 news that ”We told the prime minister that we are against release of terrorists. It’s immoral. No other country in the world does it,” she said, adding incredulously, “we release terrorists as a gesture [to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] and he promotes a boycott against us?”
  • In a statement on Thursday, the party said, “the attempt to link the release of the murderers to construction tenders is manipulative and morally wrong. It will be better if the prime minister does not release murderers and does not build. This looks like a despicable attempt to free murderers and tarnish the settlement enterprise.
  • Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, a Likud parliamentarian, said the planned release "only strengthened terror. ”We’ll see the celebrations in Gaza, in Ramallah, in Nablus. This only strengthens those who seek to harm [us]” he told Army Radio Saturday. ”Any approval of settlement construction should not be linked to these releases”...

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