Thursday, October 24, 2013

24-Oct-13: Dead terrorists? What are they good for? We're about to find out

As if the madness of freeing unrepentant convicted killer terrorists, long before their sentences have been served in Israeli prisoners, were not enough...

Ynet, the online presence of the Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Aharonot, has just reported that the government of Israel has resolved to hand over the bodies of 36 terrorists. These were people killed in the course of carrying out some of the most horrifying massacres this or any other society has ever known.

Is anyone in any doubt that these bodies are about to become the focus of celebrations orchestrated at the highest echelons of Palestinian Arab society to honor the 'return' of these dead savages and to honor and emulate the paths they took? 

One of the bodies is evidently of the human bomb who caused the massacre in central Jerusalem that took the life of our beloved daughter.

[UPDATE: We have considerably more detail in another blog post.]

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