Tuesday, October 22, 2013

22-Oct-13: Revealing the truth about Gaza: concrete matters

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The excellent BBC Watch site today offers some spot-on comments about the latest chapter in the tendentious, and frequently quite shabby, way in which news of the conflict between Arabs and Israelis is delivered up, carefully filtered and aligned with UK official policy, to the BBC's global audience.

A brief extract from the article posted there this morning:
BBC audiences have not been informed of the attempted infiltration in the Negev town of Meitar on October 20th, the shots fired at an IDF patrol near Kibbutz Sufa on the southern part of the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip on the evening of the same day, the discovery of an IED on the Gaza border on October 21st or the attempted stabbing on a bus travelling between Beit Shemesh and Beitar Illit – also on the evening of October 20th – as captured on the bus’ security camera. These latest additions to the BBC’s record of omission are of course less surprising when one considers that it elected not to include the issue of terrorism in its definition of the so-called “core issues” of the Middle East conflict.
For BBC management; for those of its program-consumers who see no evil, hear no evil; for anyone who might have lost sight of what it means to have a jihad-based regime running a statelet of some 1.6 million wretched people (plus several hundred local millionaires whose profit is not unrelated to their fellow Gazans' suffering), we pass along this graphic courtesy of the IDF:

BBC Watch also reminds us that BBC audiences have, consistent with past practice, yet to be informed that Hamas has officially taken responsibility for the construction of the massive, most-recently discovered cross-border tunnel

So there is neither reason nor incentive for any of the BBC's veritable army of reporters, journalists and editors to take up with the Hamas leadership in Gaza or with its many UK-based supporters and apologists those tough questions of how Hamas justifies its ongoing massive mis-allocation of resources and the ongoing and scandalous trampling of their people's lives and futures in the name of a terror war. 

Under normal circumstances, "Hard Talk" might have been a suitable forum for this, were it not for the depressing record that program has chalked up on such matters.

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