Wednesday, September 04, 2013

4-Sep-13: What Israel has to do next for the Palestinian Arabs

This one evidently asked nicely [Image Source]
Having just released another bunch of unrepentant murdering terrorists, Israel is now being advised by the Palestinian Arabs, who say the current talks with an Israeli delegation are "futile and won't lead to any results", what they must do next:
Israel must give Palestinians gas masks: Security official 
[Al Ahram, Today] Israel must provide Palestinians living in the occupied territories with gas masks, a Palestinian official has said, in the event of a spillover of violence from Syria. Israel has been distributing gas masks to its citizens over the last two weeks amid fears of reprisals against the Jewish state, following anticipated US military intervention in neighbouring Syria. "If there is any war in the region, the responsibility (for ensuring Palestinians civilians are prepared) falls upon Israel, because it is the occupying authority," Palestinian Authority security services spokesman Adnan al-Dumayri told AFP on Tuesday. "Israel must provide to all citizens living under its occupation the necessary security equipment, be that gas masks or other items, especially if Israel gets into a war we have no connection with. "We are living under occupation, we have no sovereignty over our borders (in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip), and we can't import gas masks," Dumayri said.
Adnan Dumayri, the spokesman quoted in this snippet, was described three years ago as "a Fatah Revolutionary Council member and PA security force general". We don't expect to hear him say 'please' but we are wondering whether he has additional demands on his mind at the moment.

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