Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14-Aug-13: Quote of the day: Shooting yourself in the foot and still ending up the bad guy

From left: Israeli Ministers Moshe Yaalon, Dr Yuval Steinitz, Netanyahu,
Tzippi Livni meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jerusalem
on May 23, 2103 [Image Source]

David Horovitz, editor of The Times of Israel, reflecting on what is happening here today.
These were 26 horrible people that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set free overnight Tuesday. According to information released by the Israeli authorities, almost all of them were directly involved in the cold-blooded killing of innocent Israelis. These were not men being held in administrative detention on unproven allegations. They had been tried, convicted and sentenced on the basis of firm evidence.
Their releases, meeting one of three preconditions set by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, subvert Israel’s judicial system, betray the families whose loved ones they killed, make fools of the security personnel who risked their lives to capture them and continue to risk their lives to prevent more such killings, and reassure future potential killers they will not rot in Israeli jails...
Only Israel could be pressured by the free world to release convicted killers before the ends of their sentences (something that the US, UK and others would not dream of doing), agree to do so at the start rather than the culmination of peace negotiations, and still wind up looking like the bad guy the next morning...
The whole of David Horovitz's essay ["The worst of both worlds"] is worth a close read.

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