Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14-Aug-13: Peace process kicks off with Gaza rocket fire on southern Israel communities

The first stage of what the mainstream media are terming "U.S.-led Mideast peace talks" got underway tonight when at least two peace-process missiles were fired from the rocket-infested, Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in the direction of Israel around 10:00 pm, more or less the time that some 26 convicted and unrepentant terrorists were being released by Israel and heading to a heroes' welcome in the two Palestinian Arab statelets.

Times of Israel is reporting at this hour that one rocket fell short of its objective, which was the desert city of Sderot. (We have more about the phenomenon of "fell shorts" here.)

A second was fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev region, and probably exploded on landing in an open area. A loud explosion was heard, but the missile has yet to be located. The Color Red siren was heard throughout the area. At this point, no injuries or damage were reported.

We have yet to see a single serious media report that says the rocket attack on Israeli communities tonight, which follows closely a near-catastrophic attempted missile strike on Eilat yesterday, represents a threat to the US-led "peace" process.

We think this says more about people's asymmetrical expectations of the two sides than it does about the actual prospects of, and dangers to, this current trilateral process.

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