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21-Jun-13: In dark corners, remorseless killer of 66 innocents is called 'administrative detainee' and 'captive'

We published this image when a previous hunger strike by terrorists was in the headlines in 2012. We drew a red box around the posters that carry the face of the mass murderer Abdullah Barghouti. But no mainstream news agency even mentioned the way the convicted killer's face was being promoted. For them, the terrorist murderer of 66 innocents was just another prisoner, an administrative detainee.
We just came across a report published four days ago under the title "12 prisoners in Israeli jails launch open hunger strike" which spins even further the issue we covered here yesterday (see "20-Jun-13: Abdullah Barghouti, terrorist, bomb-maker, killer of 66 innocents, has some demands")
Gaza: 12 prisoners in Israeli jails including five Jordanians launched an open-ended hunger strike, Prisoners Club(PC) said on Monday. Ten of the hunger striker detainees are protesting administrative detention; among them are five Jordanian and they are: Abdallah Al-Barghouti,Munir Merei, Alaa Hammad, Mohammed Al-Remawi, Hamza Al-Dabbas and other five. There are also two detainees; Husam Matar who continues hunger strike to be identified as a prisoner of war, and Ghassan Olyan who protest being re-arrested after he was released in the swap deal in exchange of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. [Al-Ray]
There's evidently a serious effort underway to further sanitize the repulsive Abdullah Barghouti. They write the name differently from the way most English-speakers would, but that's trivial. Calling him a "Jordanian" "administrative" detainee is not. The remorse-free Kuwaiti psychopath, about whom we have written numerous times, is an admitted mass murderer, convicted on his own confession of 66 acts of homicide, including the murder of our fifteen year-old daughter Malki. In which upside-down world does this qualify him as administrative or a detainee? He is serving 67 life terms behind bars in an Israeli prison.

(We have not seen the Palestinian Arab Al-Ray Media Agency site, which published the report above, before. The website calls it the Al-Ray Government Information Office without stating a contact address or a better self-description. From skimming its surface, our impression is it's based in Gaza. If so, it's likely to be a Hamas terrorist mouthpiece.)

The Al Qassam website of Hamas, is also promoting the campaign for this monster whom they call 'Captive'. In a report yesterday, they fret over the self-imposed deterioration in his health and then add this ominous warning:
Barghouti asserted that he will continue his strike until he returns to Jordan and regain his freedom... The prisoners also revealed that once their strike enters its third month, they will announce more escalatory steps, including refusing to drink water... their basic demand is to return to Jordan, and condemned the Jordanian government's silence and inaction regarding their cause.
Here's our real concern: how are those traditional sources of limitless empathy for the downtrodden among the murdering class going to respond?

When will we see the first street marches calling for greater 'understanding' of this administrative detainee's grievances? The Irish Friends of Palestine have already cranked up their Facebook page, presumably in support of the 'captive's' right to kill freely again from a new base in Jordan. Ditto, the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza whose pro-Abdullah Barghouti post has already - unbelievably - gotten 6,191 Likes.

As parents of a child whose beautiful life, filled with constructive acts of goodness, was brutally ended by the guitar-case bomb that Barghouti engineered, we remind people that this despicable man has dozens of innocent victims, not a single one of whom was caught in the crossfire. They were his target as Barghouti himself confessed. His mission, his passion, was "to kill as many Israelis as possible", something we hope will be remembered when the debate over what to do with the pathetic, hunger-striking prisoners reaches the mainstream media's headlines - as it inevitably will.

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