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2-Apr-13: Gaza's rocket-rich terrorists managed to hit an Israeli kindergarten. Thankfully, no children were there but that was not the jihadists' plan.

We published this image some years ago during a previous round
of Gazan rockets being fired on Sderot [Image Source]
Passover ended in Israel about 24 hours ago (it's in its final hours now in some parts of the Jewish diaspora) and in its honour, all Israeli schools and kindergartens were closed.

This turns out to have been a very good thing, because in the southern half of this tiny sliver of a country, the remains of a terrorist missile were found today in the grounds of a kindergarten. Because it fell during the Passover break, thankfully no little children were injured. Nor was anyone else but as we keep trying to explain, that was never the intention of those who fired it.

First some context: we posted here some two weeks ago ["21-Mar-13: Rockets fired at Israelis as media focuses attention elsewhere"] that
Ninety minutes drive from where tens of thousands of Israeli police are deployed on the streets of Jerusalem and from the security measures that are in place to protect the visiting head of the United States, a lethal attack on Israelis was mounted this morning by the terrorist forces deployed against this country from the south. At least one home took a direct hit. Fortunately there are no injuries. 
This afternoon we know more, thanks to Times of Israel's report, about what happened to one of those 'Obama visit' rockets:
The remains of a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel during US President Barack Obama’s visit 12 days ago were found Tuesday afternoon in a Sderot kindergarten. The rocket caused damage to the building, but no injuries, because the kindergarten was closed for the Passover holiday. Parents and teachers only discovered that the rocket had struck the kindergarten when they arrived Tuesday to prepare the facility for the return of children after a three-week Passover vacation. They found the remains of the rocket in the courtyard, and discovered the damage to the building. Police sappers cleared away the remains of the projectile. Police said the rocket was most likely one of four fired from Gaza into the south of Israel on March 21, the second day of Obama’s tour. Another of the four landed in the yard of a Sderot home, also causing damage but no injuries. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets from Gaza into the south of Israel over the past decade [more]
But we still know nothing about those rockets that 'fell short' and landed on Palestinian Arab Gaza, with who knows what consequences for the people who live there as hostages of the jihadist Hamas regime. To quote what we wrote here two weeks ago
We have written several times [for instance "18-Nov-12: Fell short? Not just the Hamas rockets but the ethics of the journalists covering them"; "24-Dec-12: Fell short? Not HRW"; "9-Mar-13: The viral power of a lying image and the editors who make it all happen"] about those "fell short" rockets. The unwillingness of reporters and their editors to acknowledge how often this happens is extraordinary. It's a subject that deserves some analysis.
We write this kind of piece (to state the obvious) because facts and events like these go almost entirely unreported. Most people, even those concerned about the welfare of the people making their homes here, simply have no idea.

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