Monday, February 18, 2013

18-Feb-13: Quote of the day: Who exactly is Hezbollah and why should the European governments do something about it?

There's something about Hezbollah that makes them oddly familiar
to many Europeans [Image Source]

From the Washington Guardian today:
U.S. National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon calls on European nations "to act collectively and respond resolutely" to the terrorist attack in Bulgaria by adding Hezbollah to the European Union’s terrorist list. Writing in The New York Times, Donilon charges, "Over the last decade, Hezbollah has worked assiduously to obscure its terrorist pedigree and convince the world that it is interested only in politics, providing social welfare services, and defending Lebanon." Since 2011, the group has murdered civilians in Bulgaria, had failed attacks in Cyprus and Thailand, and planned attacks elsewhere. It is propping up the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria; and it acts as a proxy for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the region and beyond.
Supporters of Hezbollah take to the streets of Berlin's Neuk├Âlln district  on December 8, 2012, seeking to convey a political message. What they want is exactly what European leaders need to understand, and then act against [Image Source]

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