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22-Jan-13: Malaysian prime minister feels like "one nation" with the terrorists of Gaza

Malaysia's PM grips fist of Hamas arch-terrorist - and says
he's 'happy' [Image Source]
Reuters is reporting this afternoon on an official visit to the Gaza Strip by Malaysia's prime minister. The Reuters report calls it part of "a diplomatic push by Gaza's Islamist rulers" without mentioning that this is only the second time ever that a head of state has paid obeisance to the terrorist clique in control of the Gaza Strip. The first was when the owner emir of Qatar came for four hours in November 2012.

Though they don't say it, most journalists know that more circumspect political figures have avoided setting foot there lest they be politically damaged by the vile odor emanating from the bloodstained involvement of the Hamas leadership in mass killings of their fellow Palestinian Arabs, and of Israeli children, women and men.

Not so Mr Muhammad Najib Abdul Razak.

Malaysia's top politician, accompanied by his wife and foreign minister, crossed over from Egypt to Rafah for a ten-hour visit today that appears to have gone without a hitch. The drama, if any exists, comes from the suggestion by Saleh Salem, the writer who authored the news report for Reuters, that today's visit somehow "defied Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip" (his words).

Blockade-busting? It's an odd characterization for a serious global newsagency to reach for. Are we being invited to imagine him and his first lady in frogman's outfits scuba-diving their way to the Gaza shore?

For the benefit of the Reuters editors in far-off London, we will point out that Gaza has a border with Egypt, and a gate in the Rafah Crossing that is not controlled by Israel. Egypt sometimes, presumably for good reasons, has imposed restrictions on incomings and outgoings. Does that qualify as an "Israeli blockade"? Qatar's Al-Thani drove through it with an equally small degree of drama at the start of his visit two months ago.

A Malaysian news report describes in lurid detail how this afternoon's blockade busting went:
Travelling by land from El Arish International Airport in Egypt near the Gaza border, Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor went to the border crossing at Rafah and entered a holding room while waiting to have their passports to be processed. After their passports were processed they entered the Gaza side and were met by Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh.
On today's agenda: laying a foundation stone for new office premises to house "the Palestinian Prime Minister's office". (The Malaysian report seems to overlook the existence of two different Palestinian prime ministers; we assume Salam Fayyad of Ramallah is not the kind to take it personally.) He also got an honorary doctorate from Al-Aqsa University; a Malaysian report says his acceptance speech included the disclosure that "some people were unhappy with his visit to Gaza". Nevertheless:
"I decided to follow my heart. and my heart says I should be with the Palestinian people."
Reuters story says the Malaysian party paid their respects to
the family of top Hamas military chief Ahmed Al-Jaabari, whose assassination by Israel in November started an eight-day war in which more than 160 Palestinians and six Israelis died.
without mentioning a word of Jaabari's direct responsibility for the "deaths of hundreds of Israeli civilians" [Wikipedia] or the senior management role this "military chief" took took in "coordinating" the collection of charity money for Hamas and the spending of that cash on terrorist activities [Haaretz].

So where do the Malaysians stand on the fight to stop terrrorism? Answer: side by side with the child-killers. Here's a direct quote from the Palestinian Maan News coverage of Abdul Razak's speech:
"We may be far from you in distance, but we are one nation and believe in the struggle of the Palestinian people... 
Here's what his host, the arch-terrorist and head of the Hamas regime, Ismail Haniyeh, said in response:
"Haniyeh said the [Malaysian's] trip was a response to a visit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had made to the Western Wall in Jerusalem after casting his vote in the election. The Hamas leader said the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest existing prayer site, was "a Palestinian, Arab and Islamic Wall" and Jerusalem was an "an Islamic, Arab and Palestinian city."
Unlike the smooth talking Malaysian, there are some serious nations that see through the Hamas "struggle of the Palestinian people" rhetoric. Which of them designate Hamas as a terrorist organization? Currently, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Canada, Israel and Japan; Australia goes part of the way, banning Hamas' "military" division. This diplomatic boycott by Western countries of Hamas is because of "its refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist, honor past Israeli-Palestinian agreements, and renounce violence" [Haaretz].

It's encouraging to see there are Malaysian voices quite outraged by Muhammad Najib Abdul Razak's kowtowing visit to the baby-killers of Gaza. Click here to view an example in the Malaysian language, which is published under an English-language headline "Shame on you, Najib!!". Thanks to Google Translate, here is a brief excerpt from that Malaysian message:
"People of this country also need to be convinced that this country will never cooperate with terrorists like Hamas as did the Najib administration. We will not elect a government that collaborate with terrorists who kill children and innocent people in Israel."
Warms the heart.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The Malaysian prime minister ten years ago approximately was named something like Mahathir Muhammad. He made a speech to the Org. of Islamic Cooperation [OIC] in which he attacked the Jews with lies and inventions taken from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Malaysia is a country where the rights of the 45% of the population who are not Muslim are regularly violated. It could explotde in ethnic and religious hatred at any time.