Friday, November 16, 2012

16-Nov-12: Tel Aviv targeted a second time, and some responses

2:45 pm update
  • After seven years of non-stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets by the Gazans, the president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, who knows this as well as any local leader does and has presumably just been briefed by his prime minister, says (according to Times of Israel) that Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip constitute “a blatant aggression against humanity”.
  • From eye-witness reports, we understand Ashdod has absorbed multiple volleys of rockets since 2:00 pm this afternoon. The pressure on the residents there is relentless. This however does not constitute an aggression against humanity, blatant or otherwise, in the view of the Egyptians or of the many governments and non-governmental crowds that are, at this moment, protesting in the streets against Israel.
  • Israel's president, Shimon Peres, expressed a far more rational view: "No one doubts the justification of this operation, We cannot abandon women and children to the insanity of Hamas".
  • Over at the real-time war blog The Muqata, they're telling us something we didn't know about our neighbours here in Jerusalem: "2:33 PM Arabs throwing rocks in Ras Al Amud neighborhood of Jerusalem in response to IDF airstrikes on Gaza." 
  • Tel Aviv came under rocket attack around 1:30 pm today. We are not there, and don't plan to contribute to any enemy's intelligence. But we can repeat what others are saying. Sky News reports that Israel's police spokesperson "said no injuries were reported and that a rocket landed in the ocean. Sirens wailed across the coastal city on Friday afternoon shortly before a loud explosion. The Twitter account of the armed wing of Hamas AlqassamBrigade said: "Al Qassam Brigades shelling Tel Aviv-Tel El Rabee with M75 homemade projectile." If a Gazan rocket reached Tel-Aviv 75 kilometers away, it was no home-made production.


Anonymous said...

so cruel !

Jeremy Norton said...

After this war,they would end up losing somebody.