Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14-Nov-12: A moment of relative calm before what comes next

Gaza an hour ago [Image Source: AFP]
In the past hour, readers of news bulletins all over the world will have been treated to reports about the death of a 'military chief', to quote the precise title given to the murderous arch-terrorist by the BBC.

Many will be thinking about why Israel engages in actions like the one that terminated his career. They will think this because there is so little awareness of what the people of southern Israeli endure as the targets of indiscriminate terrorist fire from Hamas and those it controls - up to and including earlier today [see "14-Nov-12 [UPDATED]: Volley of four rockets crashes into southern Israel"] during a period that some reporters and their editors have misleadingly called "a lull".

We expressed our feelings about this just yesterday ["13-Nov-12: Sit down for two minutes, please. We want to share with you this update"] and we're glad to see how many of our readers viewed our hastily-composed letter.

Now there is an expectation here of rougher days and nights. School children in certain southern parts of Israel with whom we are connected have been released early this afternoon and told to head straight home. It's just been announced that many other schools right across southern Israel will be closed tomorrow.

Our one request at this stage to people far from here is - please help your friends and neighbours understand the endless attacks Israelis endure at the hands of the terrorists (even if those attacks rarely make the news). Winning our struggle with the terrorists is, sadly, not going to happen if our strategy is to hope they go away.

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