Sunday, November 11, 2012

11-Nov-12: School is getting underway at this hour; by total coincidence, the Gazan rockets are all over the map

It's now a little after 8 on Sunday morning, and Tzeva Adom incoming-missile warnings have sounded during the past hour right across southern Israel: Hof Ashkelon at 07:00; again at 07:10;  Sderot at 07:25; Sderot again at 07:55; and then a hail of rockets in two large rounds of multiple-missile attacks around 08:00 in Sderot and the Eshkol region. (Eshkol suffered a separate attack around 03:30 this morning.) Too early for injury or property damage reports.

Overnight, the IDF carried out well-targeted air attacks on several Gazan targets involved in yesterday's calculated escalation against Israeli civilians: a Palestinian Arab weapons manufacturing facility, two weapons storage facilities, and two rocket-launching sites in the northern Gaza Strip [source]. At some stage, assuming the Gazan terrorist groups continue their assault, one or another of the Israeli counter-measures will produce unwanted, unintended civilian casualties.

It's what the terrorists expect and want since their form of cognitive warfare demands it. Until then, we're not holding our breaths waiting for the mainstream media to say what Israelis can see: that the measured attacks by the IDF are as close to pinpoint as war lets you achieve.

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