Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31-Oct-12: Pre-dawn rocket attack on nowhere; zero media reporting

Ho hum. A rocket fusillade (two rockets) fired from Gaza by one of the Hamas-controlled enclave's numerous hyper-armed terror groups crashed and exploded in southern Israel around 3 this morning, Wednesday.

This has happened in one or another of the Israeli regions north, east and south of the Gaza Strip almost two hundred times in the month drawing to an end today. With rare exceptions, these attacks go unreported, other than in parts of the Israeli media. This is not because of their lack of terrifying impact on hundreds of thousands of Israeli - men, women, children - especially children - living, working and going to kindergarten and school in the areas under attack. There is plenty of that. We think it's because so few people are interested in knowing the ongoing nature of the terrorists' daily assaults on our society and our country.

None of the homes, schools, roads, buses, farms and chicken coops which have been struck and destroyed or damaged this month or in the years since Gaza became so astonishingly equipped with explosives is located on occupied territory (to use an expression which is laden with inaccuracy and malice). Not a single one.

Unless you mean (like the terrorists of Hamas do) that any presence by Jews in their historical homeland amounts to occupation.

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