Monday, October 29, 2012

29-Oct-12: Wild, turbulent night and not because of a hurricane

Following yesterday's (Sunday) succession of rocket attacks on communities across a swathe of southern Israel in which (according to Times of Israel) seven Gazan Palestinian Arab terrorist rockets crashed and exploded, Israel responded
"The IAF struck multiple terror targets in Gaza, including two operation centers and a rocket launching site, according to a statement issued by the IDF spokesperson. The strikes were in response to recent rocket attacks..."
Undaunted, the terrorists have kept up their indiscriminate fire. We see reports of multiple Tzeva Adom warnings and rocket explosions, including clusters, throughout the night hours. It's now 6 am and the sun is rising:

02:05 am Eshkol region
02:15 am Eshkol region
02:25 am Eshkol region
02:35 am Eshkol region
02:45 am Eshkol region
03:40 am Ashkelon region
05:40 am Eshkol region

The reports so far say that despite the obvious horror of a night under fire and all that that entails to the hundreds of thousands of Israelis under attack, the Gazan rockets all landed in open areas causing no physical injury to residents of the area and no significant property damage. Overnight rocket tally [source]: 16.

In the local version of 'normal life', residents have been advised by the civil defence authorities to remain within fifteen seconds walk/run of shelter. Schools throughout the area will remain open.

Stay tuned.

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