Monday, October 29, 2012

29-Oct-12: What the terrorist overlords in Gaza don't want their subjects to see

In a a previous attempt to save Gazan Palestinian Arabs from
paying a price that their Hamas masters were perfectly happy
for them to pay, the IDF distributed leaflets in this form
The ever-informative Elder of Ziyon blog has this report today on measures being taken by the Israel Defense Forces today to protect ordinary non-combatants on the far side of the fence in the wake of the round-the-clock rocket fire into Israel from Gaza.
Arabic media is reporting that the IDF has been dropping leaflets onto southern Gaza Monday morning warning residents to stay safe. The flyers, spread from Rafah to Deir al Balah, tell Gazans to stay at least 300 meters away from the border with Israel. It also urges them to stay away from rocket launchers and terrorists. The leaflets say that the terror groups pose a threat to people's lives, their families, their children and their property. The papers further said that that terrorists are firing rockets from populated areas into Israel, saying it will pursue the launchers. Pro-terror media outlets warned other Arab newspapers in the area - and even in Egypt - not to publish the text or images of the flyers, so as not to play into the hands of the IDF and to avoid having Gazans read the "lies" of the enemy. 
Similarly, Hamas has been gathering up the warnings and burning them as fast as they can, ostensibly to reduce "confusion." And, incidentally, the entire concept of human shields doesn't work as well when the shields refuse to play along. 
The IDF has used a variety of additional means in the past [examples here] to go over the heads of the Hamas regime and warn ordinary Palestinian Arab Gazans of the dangers they face as human shields for the jihadists.

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