Sunday, October 28, 2012

28-Oct-12: First reports of a gunfight between IDF and terrorists at Sufa Crossing

The Sufa Crossing that used to, but no longer does, play a major role in the entry of goods and equipment from Israel to Gaza, came under fire in the past half hour. We received initial, as-yet-unconfirmed, reports of a hail of mortar fire from terrorist forces in Gaza at the IDF personnel stationed in the area at about 2 this afternoon (Sunday). Updates when we have them.

From Wikipedia:
The Sufa border crossing was open in the past to Palestinians working in Israeli farms. During the Second Intifada, the border crossing and the military base next to it were subject to several Palestinian attacks, and the crossing has been intermittently closed. In October 2007, the crossing was closed, leaving the Kerem Shalom crossing the only point of entry. In November, despite IDF objections who said it was harder to guard than Kerem Shalom, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai decided to reopen it. It has since been used to transfer Humanitarian assistance to the Strip. In May 2008 the crossing was once again closed following a mortar attack which wounded an IDF soldier. A few days later, thousands of Palestinians protested the Israeli blockade. Six people were reported wounded by the IDF in that incident. On June 1 [presumably 2008], about forty Israeli farmers protested at the crossing, in a bid to stop the transportation of goods into the Strip despite the ongoing Qassam rocket barrages.

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