Thursday, October 25, 2012

25-Oct-12: Incoming mortar fire at 09:30 Thursday

The location is unstated for security reasons, but this residence in
southern Israel was one of eight that took a direct rocket hit yesterday.
[Image Source:  AP Photo/ Tsafrir Abayov]

Following yesterday's terrorist violence and drama (more than eighty missiles, five people injured on the Israeli side, eight residences directly hit) there has been either a lull or a ceasefire, depending on how optimistic you are, in the fire-zone of southern Israel. But after lasting ten hours or so, it ended this morning.

At about 09:30 am, a mortar exploded in the Eshkol region. Times of Israel says there were no injuries to add to the ongoing total, and no significant property damage but there was certainly more terror in the lives of the people living in the 14 kibbutzim, 13 moshavim and three villages that make up Eshkol.

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