Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23-Oct-12: Israeli TV series about Europe's Moslems: English-subtitled version now online

A month ago, we blogged here about a made-in-Israel television series in four parts. The series, "Allah Islam", is a collaboration between Israeli film director and journalist David Deri, and Zvi Yehezkeli who is Israeli Channel 10's senior news reporter on Arab affairs. 

We wrote that it deals in a unique and extremely effective way with the mutual interaction of European society and Islamic immigrants. 

Having been made principally for an Israeli audience, the narration and subtitles are in Hebrew.

We have now been tipped off by our friends at Tundra Tabloids that Episodes 1 and 2 have been given English-language subtitles. It's our understanding that the work of translating to English was not done by the series' producers, but is an unauthorized adaptation done by enthusiastic volunteers.

The English-subtitled episodes can be viewed online at:
Seems we are likely to see English-subtitled Episodes 3 and 4 sometime soon. We will let you know the links when we have them.

The Hebrew-only versions can be viewed online at:

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