Tuesday, October 02, 2012

2-Oct-12: Monday night incoming Gazan rocket

An unconfirmed report last night (Monday, about 20:45 local time) of an incoming rocket from Gaza, accompanied by Tzeva Adom warnings throughout the Hof Ashkelon region [eyewitness source], is now followed up by a report (also unconfirmed) this morning that traces of that rocket have been found close to Gaza's northern-most border with Israel. An AFP report says no injuries, no damage.

How does the Tzeva Adom system work? Wikipedia describes it this way:
When the signature of a rocket launch is detected originating in Gaza, the system automatically activates the public broadcast warning system in nearby Israeli communities and military bases. A two-tone electronic audio alert (with a pattern of high, 2 second pause, high-low) is broadcast twice, followed by a recorded female voice intoning the Hebrew words for Red Color ("Tzeva Adom"). 

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