Friday, October 19, 2012

19-Oct-12: Our role in helping to stop Iran peacefully

We want to recommend a new video clip, running fifteen minutes, that went to air just yesterday for the first time. It's called The Red Line: A Peaceful Way to Stop Iran, and features the voice and message of an articulate and passionate Iranian woman, Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.

Her father, a prominent Iranian journalist, jumped from the sixth-floor balcony of his apartment in Tehran eighteen months ago. His daughter says this was an act of suicide, a final protest against the religious fanatics in control of his country [see "Longtime Iranian dissident kills self ‘to prove his disgust for regime'"]. He had been under house arrest for the last five years of his life.

Along with a practical strategy to prevent it, she offers three reasons why a nuclear Iran will be catastrophic for the world:
  • Economy: A nuclear Iran would quickly move against its Arab neighbors, dominating the Straits of Hormuz and controlling 40 percent of the world's seaborne petroleum exports. Iran could then wield the ultimate oil weapon – sending petroleum prices skyrocketing and triggering global economic paralysis.
  • Mideast Destabilization – A nuclear Iran would place unparalleled weaponry into the hands of proxy terror regimes including Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and beyond. A nuclear Iran would trigger mass nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, thus destabilizing an already-volatile region, while undoing decades of international efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation. Further, a nuclear Iran could act on its threat to annihilate the State of Israel, a vital strategic asset and America's closest ally in the Middle East.
  • Jihad – A nuclear Iran would be emboldened to act upon its perceived religious obligation to destroy America the Great Satan, and its incumbent goal of launching an apocalyptic war in order to hasten the messianic Twelfth Iman's pledge of global Islamic domination.
The video is here.

For those of is who believe a nuclear Iran changes everything for the worse, and think something decisive must be done, the time is now.

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