Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17-Oct-12: Wednesday afternoon rocket attack on Hof Ashkelon region

The rocket teams in terrorist-infested Gaza fired yet another Qassam rocket into southern Israel this afternoon (Wednesday) around 3:45 pm. It crashed and exploded in agricultural fields in the Hof Ashkelon region. No injuries or serious damage are reported at this stage [Times of Israel], which is not what the terrorists intended. [But note that Israel National News says agricultural greenhouses were hit and damaged.] The Gazans will certainly be trying again, and will certainly seek to inflict greater damage than today's effort delivered to them.

Around 70 Gazan rockets have been fired indiscriminately into Israel since the start of October, considerably more than in September. By INN's count, the rate of such firings has averaged two per day, seven days a week, since the start of 2012. Why is a bombardment rate of such intensity not called 'war' by those reporting on it?

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