Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10-Oct-12: More

Israeli school children running for shelter in an earlier rocket attack [Image Source]
The terrorists are deeply into pot-shot mode.

Mortar fire about an hour ago (around noon, Wednesday) erupted in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, with the fire directed in the general area of the Sha'ar Hanegev  region [unconfirmed source]. Fortunately the explosion that resulted took place in open fields; no one was hurt, no serious damage was done, and it remains unreported in any of the news channels as far as we can tell. In a way, that's what is most disturbing about the ongoing assaults by the terrorists: so long as no one is seriously hurt, the apologists for their outrageous actions can keep calling their weaponry "home-made rockets" as the EU-funded 'neutrals' of  GANSO do; and the reporters who cover this ongoing war can keep their ink dry until there is something more 'serious' to report. But the reality for the ordinary folk living within shooting distance of the vipers' nests of Gaza is terrifying. They know that the thugs will keep on trying to inflict pain and damage until they succeed, and then they will keep at it. There is no strategic plan to what the terrorists do. It's in the interests, and entirely consistent with their declared aims, to keep firing. The people who supply the weapons, the ammunition and the raw materials for the explosives are committed to keeping the supply coming. And as for the independent onlookers, the referees, the judges - ah, but there none, and never were any, and there will be no intervention. The tens of thousands of dead Syrians are testimony to that. The religiously-inspired shooters, bombers, knife-wielding men and -women and assorted other killers will keep doing this till they are stopped. And when the various arms of Israel's defence and security agencies do increase the stakes and intervene with force, that's when outsiders will be heard from. That's when the criticism of Israel's over-reaction and disproportionality will appear yet again. That's when the calls to sanction the Israeli side will be heard as they have been heard time and again in the earlier phases of this ongoing war.

Meanwhile we ordinary Israelis need to keep our heads down and remind ourselves that there is no neighbour, no international tribunal, no human referee, who is going to intervene and keep us safe.

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