Monday, July 16, 2012

16-Jul-12: Southern Israel under attack again today

Another rocket from Gaza's terrorists crashed into southern Israel this morning (Monday) around 08:15 am and exploded. It killed no one, and it did very little property damage since it landed in open fields. But its arrival - heralded by the terrifying sound of Israel's Tzeva Adom early-warning incoming-missile siren - created chaos and fear among the thousands of families who make their homes, and their peaceful and constructive lives, in the Shaar Hanegev region [Hebrew report] that straddles the mostly-desert landscape between the coastal city of Ashkelon and the inland city of Beersheva. That's where it hit.

But we know from years of experience that the terrorists care not one tiny bit where it lands - whether onto the roof of a kindergarten, the side of a school bus, into a parked car or a bus stop. Their goal, like the goal of terrorists the world over, is to sow fear. In this, no matter what the defensive measures of the side under attack, they succeed every time.

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