Saturday, June 09, 2012

9-Jun-12: Quote of the week, and it focuses on The Guardian

From "Is the Guardian the most bigoted newspaper in Britain?" by Robin Shepherd of The Commentator, writing about the same appalling article and editorial choices to which we directed our attention on Friday (see "8-Jun-12: Selling big lies"):
The decision to give a platform to a leader of Jew-hating Hamas shows the Guardian is now wallowing in and drinking from the sewer of history.
Please read and join us in passing along the insightful and important things Shepherd says.

Eventually, enough people are going to be sufficiently sickened by the terrorism-advocacy-masquerading-as-liberalism strategy of the editorial board of the Guardian for something constructive and remedial to happen.

When that finally happens, the disgraceful publication of Friday's terrorism-whitewash published over the by-line of the arch-terrorist Haniyeh will be at the top of the indictment.

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Unknown said...

They are making Israel's destructuion their condition for world peace. Be advised there will be no world peace even if they are allowed to destroy Israel. It will result in a world of lies, corruption and oppression. Look at Syria. Is that a result of Israel being there? No Way! The Islamic fanatics want war all the way.