Thursday, June 14, 2012

14-Jun-12: If you're wondering about the response to our letter from the PMO

The Prime Minister's Office, Jerusalem [Image Source]
For readers who have been wondering what the Prime Minister's Office told us in reply to the impassioned letter we delivered on June 7, a week ago, concerning the unannounced decision to grant an unwarranted and entirely unjustified gift to the murderous terrorist who killed our daughter and many other people: there has been no response at all.

Hearing nothing from them is identical to the outcome of our two previous letters concerning the murderer of our child, sent to the same people.

Our letter from last week is here: 10-Jun-12: "Prime Minister Netanyahu: Honor the principles of justice and decency on which our nation is based." 

The practical result of our plea is here. We will keep you posted.

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