Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15-Feb-12: Southern Israel: Rocket attack tonight

A Gazan rocket was flung into southern Israel in the past hour, crashing and exploding somewhere in the Eshkol region. A posting on the Rotter forum (Hebrew) reported that the Color Red alarm could be heard throughout the area at about 7:10 this evening. Another said it fell into open fields. Ynet reports that so far there are no indications of injuries or damage.

The terrorists have fired thousands of such rockets at Israeli homes, buses, kindergartens, schools, shopping malls, cars, synagogues, farm sheds, factories, pedestrians. They never aim to hit open fields. Anything that is struck, damaged or injured is a victory. They don't care. This is why they are terrorists. This is why everything that can be done to stop them is legitimate and essential if innocent and productive lives (ours) are to be protected.

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