Sunday, October 17, 2010

17-Oct-10: Yet again, terror rockets intercepted en route to Israel

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit put out an announcement around 7 this morning saying Israeli forces had overnight struck a squad of terrorists who were in the process of preparing to fire rockets into Israel from the Northern Gaza Strip. Ynet is reporting that Palestinian Arab sources in Gaza say two large explosions were heard in the Strip after an Israeli navy boat fired at a Hamas training facility in the northern part of Gaza City. It quotes an official at Gaza Hospital who reports one dead and five wounded, one critically. For its part, the Israeli military, according to Ynet, says the intercept was achieved by IDF jets.
Depressingly, some 165 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israeli territory since 1-Jan-10. The rate rate is increasing, according to Israeli sources quoted by Ynet: 16 rockets and 23 mortar shells into Israel in 30 separate incidents during one month, September 2010.

How many of those scored a mention in any of the news media you see?

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