Friday, July 23, 2010

23-Jul-10: We heal their children, they murder us

An Israeli man who was three months away from marrying his fiancee was murdered by terrorists in mid June. We reported on it here:
Credit for the ambush and murder was claimed Monday evening by the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the terror group that answers to Palestinian Authority prime minister Fayyad's boss, Mahmoud Abbas. Maan, a Fatah-connected news service, says the underlying cause was a need to exact retribution for the shooting deaths of nine Turkish nationals aboard an aid ship bound for Gaza. A competing claim was put in (according to the Jerusalem Post) by an unknown group calling itself, absurdly, the Flotilla Martyrs. They released a statement saying they refuse to recognize any cease-fire and they vow to continue their attacks. [As if there has ever been peace during this ongoing war.]
We now know who killed Yehoshua Sofer. The details are here: "Israel Treats Palestinian Cancer Patient, Father Goes on Terror Rampage".

Short version: Once again, it turns out to have been Hamas. One of the leaders of the terror cell had the privilege, just two weeks before carrying out the murder, of having his six-year-old child hospitalized in the world-famous Hadassah Medical Center here in Jerusalem. There she had a cancerous tumor removed from her eye - the family was not asked to pay for the medical procedure. It was funded by an Israeli benevolent organization. The child's life was immeasurably benefited by Israeli kindness, Israeli medicine, Israeli technology and Israeli philanthropy. Her father, a barbarian/jihadist driven by hatred, and repaid the way he knew best, the way his culture and society prepared him.

Anyone wanting to understand this ongoing war and about Hamas, about the murder, about the events before it and about the fundamental differences between the victims of terror and terror's practitioners can learn a lot from what happened here. For years, as a family that has unfortunately spent a very great amount of time in Jerusalem's pediatric hospital wards, we have suggested to outsiders wanting to get some real insight to pick a hospital, any hospital, anywhere in Israel, and walk into the pediatric ward. We urge them to watch to see how many Palestinian Arab and other Arab patients are treated there, and how. We tell them they may find this is all they need in order to understand this ongoing war.

At Shuki Sofer's funeral, his inconsolable fiancee said this:
"My heart is exploding darling. You don't know. It cannot contain this much pain. Who will tell me he loves me more than he loves himself? I didn't say it enough. I love you and I always will."

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