Friday, July 16, 2010

16-Jul-10: Gazan rocket lands on Gazans (again)

Unreported, other than in the margins of Israeli (only) news channels, yet another Gazan jihadist rocket intended to destroy something, anything, Jewish, fell short last night, Thursday, and crashed into an anonymous part of the Gaza Strip, according to YNet. This Israeli source says it landed in the vicinity of the El Bureij refugee camp, located in central Gaza.

The litany of self-inflicted misery of the Gazans, exemplified by Tuesday's prominent New York Times piece "Trapped by Gaza Blockade, Locked in Despair", somehow never extends to referring to the Hamas rockets that land on Gazan homes. They're a routine aspect of life in the jihadosphere, another unreported dimension of this ongoing war, and further evidence - if we needed it - that the very last thing occupying the minds of the terrorists is the well-being of their own people.

As another instance (among many, many others):
Unidentified assailants riding a motorcycle threw a hand grenade into a YMCA building in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a local human rights group reported... Shrapnel from the grenade spread over a playground connected to the central Gaza City facility... Police have opened an investigation into the attack... The same building has come under attack before... in February 2008 in which unknown persons detonated explosives in the building's library."
The building is under Christian auspices. The news report is Palestinian. The impact is zero - it's essentially unreported meaning, for all practical purposes, it never happened.

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