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8-May-09: A Mother's Day introspection

Mother's Day takes place on various dates in different places. This weekend, it's honoured in the US and elsewhere. A good moment to pause and think about the role of mothers in certain societies - and what it means for the rest of us

National Geographic Television recently aired a segment dealing with the appalling phenomenon of mothers who willingly, joyfully, send their children to their deaths. It may not exactly shock you to know that the focus of the TV segment was mothers living in a specific Islamic society where they are deeply entrenched personally, politically and ideologically in the Hamas narrative.

Click below to see and hear Mother Mariam (aka Mariam Farhat aka Um Nidal), a jihadist mother from hell. One of many.

Care to know more about this hatred-driven person? To understand what kind of impact she and others like her can have on generations of innocent children? The interview reveals little. It fails, for instance, to point out that no fewer than three of this woman's sons ended their lives as terrorist/murderers. And she wants the others to follow.

One son, Muhammad Farahat, died after murdering five students in the Jewish community of Atzmona, where they were listening to a lecture. Throwing grenades and spraying the unarmed students with automatic weapon fire, he killed five and wounded 24 others. Killing unarmed students is one of the highest callings in the Jihadist suicide/murder pantheon - so long as those students are Jewish. Mummy helped him make a farewell video, and danced with joy while sending him off.

A second son, Nidhal Farhat, was killed with five other Hamas terrorists while preparing a bomb-laden remote-piloted drone for terror attacks on Israeli civilian settlements.

A third, Rawad Farahat, died in a truck carrying Qassam rockets to a terrorist launching site. Palestinian-Arab terrorists like him have launched hundreds of Qassam rockets into Israeli civilian areas to the applause of their mothers and religious leaders.

As one commentator points out, describing these jihadist thugs as martyrs mischaracterizes the true nature of their deeds and the way they died.

Oh, and did we mention she is an elected parliamentarian for the ruling Hamas party in the Gazan Palestinian legislative council? Or that she was mobbed by supporters after her 2006 election victory? Or that she believes in peace?

Yes, she believes in peace. And here's how she defines it:
"Peace means the liberation of all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] to the [Mediterranean] Sea. When this is accomplished — if they want peace, we will be ready. They may live under the banner of the Islamic state. That is the future of Palestine that we are striving towards... I sacrificed [my sons] for a greater cause. For Allah, who is more precious than them. My son is not more precious than his god, he is not more precious than the places holy to Islam, and he is not more precious than his homeland or his Islam. Not at all."
The evidence of what jihadist terror in all its various guises does and wants is out there for anyone who wants to see it. But as National Geographic sadly demonstrates, you can look. You can listen. You can think you have it figured it out. But you can still miss the whole point. Even while pointing out that the woman "is not yet done" and "wants her other children to follow the same path", the National Geographic video segment interviewing Mother Farhad repeats the word "martyr" multiple times.

But it fails to pronounce the word 'terrorism' even once.

Happy mothers day.

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