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09-Dec-18: More on that Jordanian conference to "defend" Jerusalem

Jordan's Minister of Endowment (Awqaf), of Islamic Affairs
and of and Holy Sites
 Abdel Nasser Abul Basal [Image Source]
Expanding on what we reported yesterday ["08-Dec-18: How closely aligned are Jordan and Hamas?"], we offer some additional information from an Arabic-language source (via machine translation), :
The [Jordanian] Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdel Nasser Abul Basal, stressed that the increasing frequency of incursions and violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque was the main objective of holding the second international conference of the road to Al-Aqsa.

Abu al-Basal said that the most important challenges facing Al-Aqsa Mosque are the daily and hourly closures and the establishment of Jewish prayers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque which diminish the value of this great place and condemn it. He added that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is not negotiable, sharing, sharing or in any way, and that it is necessary to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the first of the Qibla and the third of the two Holy Mosques.

He pointed out that this conference is not a research conference to present research and articles, but its main purpose is to discuss solutions and ways to support the cause of Al Aqsa Mosque and the participation of Jerusalemites in their efforts and their struggle to defend Al Aqsa Mosque...

He... has received responses and turnout where the number of participants at the moment [is] a thousand, 500 participants from within the country and 500 from outside. He said that this conference came to remind all the Islamic, Arab and international countries that their internal concerns do not relieve us of the obligation to preserve and defend Jerusalem... It is the duty of all institutions to stand by the Jerusalemites and not leave them alone in defending her.
Muslim faithful outside Al Aqsa [Image Source]
Consistent with the congratulations (mentioned in yesterday's post) passed along by Hamas, the Iran-aligned Taghrib News Agency website adds [here] that
The conference will be held under the patronage of King Abdullah II and is titled “A Call from the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque”.
It's a significant bit of information. It would be a pity if we publicized it and then found out it was not accurate. Though we have been searching, we have not yet found confirmation in Jordan's government-controlled media that the anti-Israel gathering has the imprimatur of the monarchy or that King Abdullah II will be its patron.

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