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02-Aug-17: Yet another Arab-on-Israel stabbing attack, this time in Yavneh

In a Shufersal supermarket in the southern Israeli city of Yavneh, a store worker busy with unpacking and placing kitchen paper rolls on the shelf this morning was the target of a Palestinian Arab stabber. A high quality security camera (below) caught most of the horrifying savagery.

תיעוד פיגוע הדקירה ביבנה בעיני מצלמות האבטחה - 2.8.17 from rams on Vimeo.

What we know at this stage about the victim is limited. He is said to be a 43 year old man who suffered severe injuries in the frenzied knifing attack and is fighting for his life in Rehovot's Kaplan Hospital. The injuries, in conformance with the knifing incitement currently in vogue among the Palestinian Arabs, are to the upper part of the victim's body: the chest, the neck and the head.

The attacker, said by Times of Israel to be a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab male from the West Bank city of Nablus (but an Arab source names him as a teenage resident of Yatta), attracts no particular attention in the video. He's shown walking down an aisle where the worker is going about his business with no evident sign of wariness. Then with the worker's back turned to him, the resistance hero with the kitchen knife hurls himself at the victim, inflicting what we now know to be life-threatening injuries.

The attacker was eventually stopped and pinned down by ordinary people in the shop. They held him there [video] till police arrived [video].

There will probably be some rationalizations later in the day - desperate, impoverished, avenging his brother's girlfriend's room-mate - as the young thug with the knife helps the police with their enquiries.

But for those of us beyond the stage of "explanations", it's clear enough that what is depicted in the video is the outcome of a society lusting for blood and engaged in incitement-to-murder around the clock. There are many guilty parties.

UPDATE August 2, 2017 at 4:30 pm: The attacker is identified as Ismail Ibrahim Ismail Abu Aram, 19, from Yatta. We last mentioned that town here in connection with - what a coincidence! - an Arab-on-Israeli knifing attack barely a month ago. See "28-Jun-17: The obscene ordinariness of another woman with a knife at an Israeli checkpoint". And a year before that when a couple of Yattans opened up with machine-gun fire on Israeli customers in the Sarona Market terror attack in Tel Aviv, murdering 4 and injuring 16 others: "09-Jun-16: The Tel Aviv killings: Hamas claims credit but Fatah/PA demands some of the glory too".  And before that too: "24-Dec-15: A thwarted stabbing assault near Hebron". Yatta has about 65,000 residents and is situated on Hebron's southern flank. Some 1,800 years ago, it was entirely Jewish until overrun by settlers.

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